Silent Scenes

Before beginning to write this comic I took a screen writing class. The first three classes focused upon a single task, writing a complete scene without any dialogue. During these classes it was impressed upon me just how much imagery can communicate without the use of a single word. Comics like film can take advantage of this principle and so I did my best to use the visual component of the art as much as possible, often attempting to subtract dialogue where the scene could stand on its own without it.


The Bridge

On this page, on the third panel I tried to mimic the feel of riding on railroad tracks on a bicycle by creating duplicate line images to elude to the jarring bumps that would happen if someone were to ride on tracks. I think the idea was successful but I don't know about the execution. After having shown this page to a few non-comic/artist people I have noticed that people tend to assume it was a misprint rather than intentional.


Page Two

The Inaugural

This is the first page of a graphic novel titled "Sour Grape Candy" I spent last summer working on it as the result of a grant that I had received. Writing is not my strong suit and I am still learning a lot about the comics medium so I see this as a polished rough draft of sorts.