The Bridge

On this page, on the third panel I tried to mimic the feel of riding on railroad tracks on a bicycle by creating duplicate line images to elude to the jarring bumps that would happen if someone were to ride on tracks. I think the idea was successful but I don't know about the execution. After having shown this page to a few non-comic/artist people I have noticed that people tend to assume it was a misprint rather than intentional.

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GregandSarah said...

Hello Mr. Beesley...Diggin' the pages online! You definitely need to show Steph and Abby your work :) I love it, and we may frame it in our house :) Greg & I just decided we are going to collect old cameras (meaning film cameras) since they are so dirt cheap now! haha. So you have about a week left before your wedding! God will bless you guys greatly!
Love ya,