Page 12 and the current process

When I finished the first stage of this project last January I felt mostly satisfied with product but I knew that it was just an exercise in what would eventually be a much longer book. As I have mentioned before it stands now as one 27 page chapter with a be continued at the end. Originally I thought that I would just continue where I left off, but after having distanced myself from the work a bit I have decided to go back and re-write the whole thing. Currently I have outlined the first 50 pages, written 25 of those pages, and thumbnailed six of them. All of this work has been done on my morning commute on the train. Its been a great discipline because every day I can look forward to an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening during which I have nothing on my agenda, making it an ideal time to work out the story.


A Tale of Two Styles (Page 10)

Pages 9 and 10 both have glimpses into the secret life my sketchbook. The style of the comic and the style of the drawings in my sketchbook are very different and I have never been able to combine them very successfully. Max's doodles and day dreams that sprawl across these pages show snippets of very refined versions of the raw themes that rear their ugly heads within the seclusion of my sketchbook.