Shannon Still

This is a picture of Shannon Still. She appears later in the story but since I have been outlining and writing new scenes, I've been thinking a bit farther ahead and so I wanted to draw her.


Background Imagery

These cars can be found in the forest just off the bike trails I used to ride when I was younger and they provided the inspiration for the car found in the forest background on page two. Whenever I biked past them when I was younger I always wondered who put them there, how long ago they were put there, and why they were there. Eventually they became permanent fixatures in mind when I ever I thought about those trails and I found it only fitting to include them in this story.



The Max and Alex Clones

Some people have mentioned to me upon seeing "Sour Grape Candy" that the characters Alex and Max look very similar. The reason for this was an oversight on my part. I started drawing the final pages for the comic without having drawn detailed character studies for Max and Alex. The visual differences between Alex and Max are that Alex has spikey hair, darker hair, slightly darker skin and wears brighter clothing while Max has lighter hair, whiter skin and wears more neutral clothing. Other than that the characters can often appear to be identical in facial features and body size. In order change this for future versions of this comic I have begun doing quick character studies of each of the main characters in order to have a more consistent and distinct look to each of them. This picture is of Alex Goodwin.