A few thoughts on writing

First of all I apologize for the lack of posting, things have been a bit crazy for me lately and as such I haven't had as much time to devote to this project. The time that I have been able to spend has primarily been on the train in the mornings and evenings fine tuning a new outline.

As I have said before I'm not the most confident writer, its a process that doesn't come naturally to me, but instead with a lot of labor and constant reworking. Right now the most difficult problem is my connection to the subject matter. The story is closely based on my experiences in highschool, so I naturally have a heavy bias toward the content. Furthermore stories about "angsty highschool comics guys/artists" are so commonplace these days both in comics and even in media as mainsteam as the "OC" that it seems incredibly difficult to maintain a fresh perspective. Keeping these things in mind, my main concern has become writing the story as it deserves to be told without compromising content for popularity and hopefully without falling into the pitfalls of the stereotypical highschool events.

One of piece of advice that has been helpful to me lately was from a photo professors I had who said, 'Don't make the art you think other people will think is good/important, make art that is important to you and the rest will follow.'