Right Brain Terrain: The search for visual inspiration on the internet

After leaving art school I experienced a serious lack of visual input/inspiration that made me feel like I was at risk of becoming artistically stale. It was like going from a bright toy filled nursery to sterile hospital hallway.
I turned to the friendly neighborhood internet for some relief and found that searching on Google with terms such as “web comics”, “art”, or “design” brings plenty of search results but no way to discern quality. Eventually I found several websites with interesting content that updated regularly, Bolt City, Kazu Kibuishi’s site, was probably the first of these. Even so my list of bookmarks grew pretty slowly until I stumbled Right Brain Terrain. They make motivational posters that are really well designed and fresh. They also have a great blog that updates nearly every weekday with interesting links covering a huge range of subjects although many of them revolve around the arts. Since then the amount of information and imagery I’ve been exposed to has been almost overwhelming. It’s definitely worth stopping by a regular basis.

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