Its Been A While

For those of you that still check this blog occasionally, I'm sure you've noticed the serious lack of updates. Surprisingly theres an actual reason other than laziness.
Here's the story; A while ago I was reading the book Inside the Business of Illustration to get prepared to do some freelance illustration work. As I read the book I became more and more aware that although I prefer drawing over designing the business of illustration is something I have no interest in entering. This isn't meant as a critique of Steven Heller's book but as a reaction to the realities the book revealed about the current state of the business. This really startled me because I'd originally gotten into design for the consistent pay check in light of looming student loans and the extreme inconsistencies associated with starting a career in illustration. My plan had always been to get on my feet, pay off my loans, start illustrating on the side and gradually accumulate enough clients until I could leave the design world and work as a professional illustrator.
Reading the book caused a major shift in priorities for me as far as preparing myself professionally. I have begun to place all of my focus on developing as a designer and begin to really dig deep into the craft abandoning the thought of illustration completely. Nearly all of my creative output has been refocused on design and so although this blog is not related to illustration it has been put more and more on the back burner. You can see some of the work I've doing lately here
Its not my plan to abandon this blog nor the medium of comics. Comics are just on a short break for a while I am continuing to refocus

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