My Small Piece of the Recession Experience

For a while now NPR has been doing an interesting series about the recession. Instead of focusing on the main economic indicators and national surveys they look locally to see what every day people are experiencing. One of their stories was about a man who delivered newspapers. When the company used to drop off the papers they came in bundles of 40. He said that now they were able to fit up to 50 newspapers in a bundle because the size of each individual paper had been cut down. Furthermore when he threw an individual newspaper it was so light it was harder to reach the person's door.
One small recession experience for me came in the mail today in the form of a School of Visual Arts Continuing Education class schedule. Just this last summer I was taking classes and I received the same kind of class schedule. The schedule was printed on nice bright white paper with a color coded back page that included a campus map. This semester I received the schedule and it was printed in black and white on plain paper with no color on the back at all. I'm thinking that in order to cut costs they went with black and white copying in-house rather than going for much more expensive offset printing.
That's my small piece of recession experience.

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