The "everything will be okay" fallacy

The economy is bad, people are losing their jobs, the world is in a very precarious place with all of the spreading violence and unrest in the middle east and of course we can't leave our warming planet out of the mix. Despite all of this I often hear people say "everything will be okay."
Granted, I think that it's likely that this recession will end and the United States will pick up the pieces, jobs will be created and prosperity will come again but I can't say for sure. Saying everything will be fine is an insulated statement. In many parts of the world everything has not always been okay. If we were born in Rwanda in the 1990s I doubt we would make such statements. To take this analogy closer to the West I imagine that in the late 1930s there were people that figured that the German army would stop with Austria, Sudentenland or Czechoslovakia and that everything would go back to "normal," and I'm sure that in the early fall of 2001 people were sure they were headed for a good rest of the year until the eleventh of September rolled around. The thing is we don't know what tomorrow will bring. Saying that everything will be okay is just an empty promise or misinformed optimism. I don't know if it will be okay but I sure hope it will.

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