The pencil is mighter than the pen tool

As I mentioned earlier, I'm taking at class at SVA. One recent assignment was to rebrand Anthropologie. While I was coming up with logo designs for the the project I realized that I wanted to do an "A" that took some inspiration from Art Nouveau. I sketched out a few options on paper and then of course went straight to Adobe Illustrator and started going crazy with the pen tool. Don't get me wrong the pen tool is great but I felt like I was taking hours moving anchor points agonizingly small amounts only to find myself still not satisfied with the results. I began thinking that I probably could have accomplished  similar results in much less time if I had just drawn the thing. I was little unsure of how successful drawing the "A" would be but I ended up going for it. I broke out what in comparison felt like ye olde tools; my lightbox, french curves, a straight edge, a compass and a blue pencil. I started tracing a large printed "A" and then started in with drawing the curves. It ended up going much faster purely because when I drew a line and didn't like it I could erase it but it wouldn't be completely gone. I could see a ghost of it so I knew where I had been and why it didn't work.