Office Coffee

If you work in an office I'm sure you have seen or heard of these. They're plastic single serving coffee cartridges.
These things are incredibly convenient because it enables you to make coffee whenever you want it without worrying about brewing a pot or if the pot has been sitting for a while. The only thing is whenever I use one of these things I feel a little bit sad. Since these are single use, they get dumped into the back of the machine and when the bucket that holds them gets full they get thrown into the garbage.

So for example if I were to drink three cups a day:
For a month
For a year
Thats a lot of plastic being wasted. Even if these cartridges were recycled every time it would still use a ton of energy. Granted I'm not the greenest person on the planet but I think this is the kind of consumption that really doesn't make sense and can't be sustained. I guess the question is, who's going to come up with a convenient single serving coffee solution that doesn't leave tons of plastic waste?


Steven said...

at first glance I thought your photograph was of a starbucks product. It's really interesting how the color scheme of green, brown and white has become so strongly associated with "coffee product".

Chris Beesley said...

Yeah, I think it shows just how deep a feeling from a brand identity can run.