The thing about the web

I just read this article. It's based on a book by Kevin Roberts called, Sisomo: The Future on Screen I think his thoughts are dead on so I pulled out the points that struck me most.

The web and the mobile web were not built to rebroadcast a message, or a passive emotional experience (“sisomo,” if you will). And unlike television, print, and radio, the internet and mobile phones weren’t built with advertisers in mind. The web was created to facilitate a remote connection with another person’s computer, allowing for peer-to-peer communication in a way never possible before. 

There’s a reason why 99.98% of people haven’t clicked on your banner ad, and it’s because the fundamental purpose of the web revolves around utility, community, and democracy. The way in which information travels through these channels can no longer be art directed or copywritten.

The Internet and mobile aren’t passive “screens” at all, but unique pathways into your consumers’ life. You can’t simply bombard consumers with sight, sound, and motion. They’ve offered you a seat at their dinner table. You need to behave as such…

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