Typographic Sketching

I tend to draw a lot when I'm bored. It doesn't matter what the surface is, it could be a piece of old mail or crappy paper, but recently I've noticed that my doodling has been a lot less figurative as my mind turns more towards design and less towards illustration.


Kevin said...

Chris.... I love this... Love, I need it for my wall. I also love the subtle (and probably unintended since u were doodling) echo of Romans 7:21, I love the shade red used, and the texture between the words ( which I haven't figured out yet). Great!

Chris Beesley said...

Kevin, Thanks for the compliment actually I've been thinking about the verse a lot recently since it seems like I have foot in mouth disease sometimes. Normally I don't let a lot of really specific personal growth stuff come out into my sketches but that was something I was thinking about last week.