Washington D.C. Trip Show and Tell Time

Clearly there was a little drought in posting. As you can tell from the title I took a trip to Washington D.C. I headed down last Thursday with my wife E and her family for the cherry blossom festival. As a result of leaving in the middle of the week I had some catching up to do at work and so my occasional lunch break posts were neglected this week.
I took lots of the standard touristy pictures that I won't share here because they aren't all that interesting. Here are some of the non-national monument things that caught my eye on this trip.
This picture is inside Washington Monument. With all the care they put into maintaining places like this I don't understand why they couldn't have hired a decent designer to kern the "W A" in washington. Actually this experience gave me the inspiration to start a bad kerning in significant places series. I think the criteria will be that it has to be either in an important place or in an expensive installation such as store signage. I already have to examples of this here.

In a type-related note, I completely fail to understand why people do stuff like this.

My favorite moment of the trip had to be the visit to the National Gallery. Ever since my basic photo class in art school, I've wanted to see The Americans by Robert Frank It was amazing to be able to get up close and see the photos in person. Seeing his work really gives me the energy and inspiration to go make art.

Last but not least here's an obligatory touristy picture of cherry blossoms. It turns out I'm a sucker for em.

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