Putting my type where my mouth is

Pretty much immediately following the preceding post I thought about the fact that I've been coming across awfully high and mighty in my design posts recently. I've done my share of not so great work and still do sometimes, I'm not above making mistakes. Additionally, regardless of what my original intent may have been that isn't how it came across, so I apologize for the design snobbiness.

Okay, so here's what I was thinking about when I posted about the Target sign. The issue is the kerning is kind of funky. Unfortunately the larger the type gets the more of a problem funky kerning can become. The goal is to get the letters looking like the space between each of them is uniform. This can be tricky because each letter has its own unique shape and amount of negative space so the way the space is perceived between the letter combinations is different. The two main problems in this sign are the "T A" combination and "E T" combination. The space between the "T" and the "A" is too wide and the space between the "E" and the "T" is too small. I took the photo and opened it in photoshop and re-spaced it so you could see the what I mean. The easiest way that I've learned to do this is by taking three letters at a time starting with "TAR" and moving the third letter back and forth until the middle letter looks like it's in the center. Once you're satisfied with the results you move on to the the next combination, "ARG" and move the "G" back and forth until it looks like the "R" is in the center. You continue this process until the word is finished. Below is the original sign and my edited version. My edited version is not exactly a crowning achievement in kerning but I think it fixes the problems that were there initially.

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