Why I'm still taking classes

I've mentioned that I'm taking classes at the School of Visual Arts a few times now, and I thought some might wonder why. After all I have BFA and a job in a creative department doing design work every day so why bother?

Now that I've left college I miss the push for exploration, the trial and error process and the feeling of being completely surprised by something new. These experiences can happen in a job environment to certain extent but it's different. In most work environments the objective is to do your job well so that the company is successful, and hopefully in the process of doing your job you learn new things. When you're in a classroom the objective is to learning new things —expanding your thinking or becoming proficient at something makes the class successful. The kind of risk taking necessary for success in the classroom can rarely be present at work or else you could find yourself with many ineffective projects. Looking back I've always felt sharper, had better ideas and even felt a little more alive when I was being challenged to grow in ways that required risk of failure.

So I've decided to emulate the attitude of a recent professor of mine who said, "I've been taking classes for the past 40 years and I'll keep taking them, in fact I'll probably die in a classroom."  While I don't expect to be dying in a classroom any time soon I do hope to continue to take classes for as long as I can, and keep chasing that permission to fail.


Yari said...

You can never learn too much. The arts are such an ever-evolving thing, there's always something new to do, learn or a different way of seeing things. I don't believe anyone should ever think they're done learning! Great post :)

Chris Beesley said...

Thanks, I agree there's definitely always more to learn and that's one of the reasons I love doing design