Pepsi's Colorful New Bottles

I was at walmart and saw a display of colorful new pepsi bottles. Normally if I was going to buy a Cola beverage I would always pick Coca-Cola because of the taste and because their logo is much better, but I just couldn't resist buying one of these bottles. The bright color, the simple design and the fact that each bottle says something different just screams out to the design geek in me, "Buy me!"


Anonymous said...

Same thing happened with me =D I had NEVER purchased a pepsi in my life until about a week ago. These bottles are an awesome marketing technique. So eye catching.

Chris Beesley said...

Exactly, I think this was probably the first time I bought a pepsi too. I'm sure I've bought two liters to bring to a party etc. but I've never bought one for myself. Actually the bottle is still in the fridge waiting for me.

Steve said...

I purchase things based on aesthetic appeal as well! Those bottles are pretty awesome! Does Pepsi have any plans to redesign their "diet pesi" product?