Light writing

The last assignment in Ed Benguiat's class was to design a three dimensional E. The assignment sounded like he was expecting to receive a lot of "E's" that were physically constructed so I wanted to break out of the expectation and make something that would be truly three dimensional but different than just giving depth to a Bodoni. I chose to do light writing. I've seen it a lot lately so I was worried that I wouldn't be the only one who did it or that it would just come across as really trite. I think the results were pretty nice so here they are.

After the class ended I got a few questions about how did them so I thought I would share the process.

How to do light writing

The supplies you will need are:

  • A dark place to take photos

  • A camera that you can control shutter speed

  • A tripod or surface to act as tripod

  • Some kind of light source you can hold

Once you have all of this the actually process to produce the "E" is really simple. Just set up your camera and tripod, disable flash, set the shutter speed to somewhere between 10 and 20 seconds, click the button, turn on your flash light and draw until the shutter clicks closed. It takes some practice to get good shapes so if you need to do this for a project with a deadline you may want to give yourself some time.
Happy light writing!

If I had done a little more research before writing this post I would have mentioned Rob, one my classmates, who posted about his process making a three dimensional E. He did a really amazing animated version, it's definitely worth checking out.


GregandSarah said...

That is SWEET!!!

Chris Beesley said...

Thanks =)
I ended up take about 40 or 50 photos and out of all that only liked five enough to bring them to class. It was fun doing them