Sub-optimal type choice

Right now I am taking a web development class. Currently I know how to use Dreamweaver and deal with websites through that program only, but I really want to be able to code by hand and not lean on a WYSIWYG editor like a crutch. As part of the course curriculum I had to order a book. I opened it up and was greeted with this:


All Optima…

It's that horrible clowny bold face that really gets to me
I can't understand why they would have set this whole book in Optima. Unlike on the web, in print there are so many options to choose from.


Kelsin said...

Bad font choice aside, if you ever have any question or need other book options let us know :)

Caitlin is a wiz at taking designs and putting them on the web!

Chris Beesley said...

Thanks, I'll definitely keep that in mind. The good news is even though I'm really new at hand coding the HTML so far everything I'm learning has made a lot of sense.