Usability isn't just for the web

This sign always puzzles me as I walk by it into the grocery store. The objective of the sign seems to be to get customers to bring shopping carts with them from the parking lot into the store to assist the people who have to gather the carts in the parking lot. It seems like a really nice idea but there's one major problem. Look I even did a little infographic to explain it.

If the sign had been placed out in the parking lot where all the carts are it probably would work great. Now it accomplishes two things as you walk into the store. It could make you think, "oops I should have brought a cart in… oh well." or possibly, "oh yeah, I need a cart" then causing a customer to grab from the ones by the door. In either circumstance the sign fails not because of bad design, but because of bad placement. This is where usability is crucial. Good design doesn't end with making sure the type on the sign is legible; it's also placing the sign in such a way that the people that need to use it can get the information they need at the time that they need it.

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