Target's new store brand

Target's new identity for their store brand, up and up got me thinking about my brand buying habits.

Reasons I buy brand name products:
1. I think the quality I'm getting is worth the price
2. I like the brand/company

Reasons I buy store brand products:
1. I don't believe that a comparable brand name product adds much additional value.
2. I have limited history with any specific brand in this category and so have no brand name bias.

The up and up identity looks like a higher quality product that just happens to have a store brand price. Unlike many other store brands, the up and up packaging doesn't imitate its brand name counterparts, instead it communicates a unique value through its simple layouts, contemporary colors and clean typography. Up and up spans both of the categories I listed above with a store brand price and name brand looks. In the end though the question remains; will up and up live up to its packaging or feel more like its price?

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