Labeling Your Customers

If you've spent time listening to NPR while driving in or around the Fairfield county area, you've probably heard the ads for the dentist who caters to cowards. The first time I heard the ad I winced a little. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the quality of dental care is fine, but I don't think saying that you cater to cowards is a good way to get new business. I can't imagine drivers thinking—hey I'm a coward, that place is for me! Identifying your business as catering to cowards is essentially the same as calling your customers cowards. Can you imagine if Walmart's tagline was, "We cater to cheapskates"? I think maybe it would be better to emphasize gentle dentistry rather than the shortcomings of your customers.


Surprise from Apple

I upgraded to a Macbook Pro a few weeks before Snow Leopard's release so I ordered it as an upgrade. This is the package Snow Leopard came in.

I was a little surprised when I saw it. Up until I received this, all aspects of Apple's business that I had encountered felt as though they embodied the Apple brand. Their visual identity is almost uncannily consistent. Everything feels as though it's been considered with just a little bit of extra effort to ensure it meets the standard. This envelope doesn't have that same quality—it feels thoroughly average. I don't think that they should start sending all their mailings in pristine white boxes in order to satisfy my expectations, but I'm disappointed there isn't at least a one color logo somewhere. On the other hand seeing this is encouraging because at least it shows they're human.