Nostalgia in the Mail

I just got Copper and Amulet 2. I doubt there's anyone who reads this blog now that would remember this, but this blog started out as a venue for me to display a graphic novel I was working on. While I was working on the graphic novel I took a lot of inspiration from Kazu Kibuishi. I loved Copper and learned a lot from Kazu's post about his process creating each page, but after about a year away from college my pursuit of comics started to dry up. As I took my first job I always viewed myself as an illustrator who did graphic design, but that's changed pretty drastically—now I think of myself as a graphic designer who used to do illustration.
Reading through Copper was refreshing for me. It gave me the feeling of creative inspiration that makes me want to grab that pad of bristol board out of the closet and start a new series, but I think for the time being it'll have to wait.

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