Mr. W

I know it's almost three years old, but this is a really clever spot. Well worth two minutes of your time.


The reason for the lack of posts

For the past several weeks I've been working on this drawing for ARISE, an arts experience at my church. The piece is titled: Every Day. It was done on a 30"x40" piece of Stonehenge paper with black colored pencil.


Flaunt arrived

Flaunt the portfolio book by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit arrived yesterday. It looks great and was well worth the purchase. Michael Surtees has an interesting review of Flaunt over on his blog.

The only downside:

It got mangled during shipping.


Looking for Peace Invitation

I did some work recently for a church I used to attend. It was good to be able to work for cause I believe in, and for people who trust my in decisions.