Looking Back or A Good Place to Start

This blog is nearly three years old, so I figure I'm overdue for a look back. I started out in the land of graphic novels, but after a little more than a year I made a sharp transition towards graphic design.

A few things that have been noticed by others along the way.

Some people really seem to like the typographic eyesore series.

I've also received a few visits from people looking for a lesson on kerning and for information on why it's a bad idea to stretch type.

However the post that has received the most traffic from google has nothing to do with typography.

A lesson learned

If I had to pick only one thing I've taken away from this process over the past three years it would be to always keep exploring. I've seen so much art and learned so many new things just from checking out the influences of the bloggers I follow. The stream of inspiration has been pretty much endless.


As I have grown as a designer and blogger, I've taken inspiration from Ben, David, Khoi and Tina; their blogs have functioned as my morning graphic design newspaper.

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