Leaf Garamond

This was for a project I was working on recently. The concept didn't end up getting used, but I had fun making it so I thought I would share. Hopefully Mr. Garamond isn't rolling in his grave now.


Something I fail to understand

I was in a bookstore this weekend and noticed this collection of books on table. Maybe it's just because I'm what some might call a millennial, but the fact that these books even exist seems a little silly to me. If this cat can figure out how to use an iPad those two manuals might be a bit of overkill.


Some Amazing Light Painting with the iPad

This video is too fun not to share. I've done a little bit of simple light writing in the past but this takes that idea to a whole new level.

via: Brandflakes for Breakfast

James Victore on Branding

“The definition of branding is not letting the competition define who you are.”


Jessica Hische on Drop Caps and the Death of Print

Jessica Hische's custom typography is always amazing. In this video she talks about her daily drop cap project and the death of unnecessary print.


A Visit to Roger Black's Studio

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Roger Black's studio with a few other students from SVA. He spent an hour with us, giving a tour of his studio and showing us some of the new projects that he's working on. As a designer who is still very much at the beginning of a career I'm very appreciative of mature designers who are willing to be generous with their time and answer questions.