Where We’re Headed

I've been blogging on and off for few years now and I think it's time to define what I have in mind for this space a little more decisively. If you were to go back through the 200 something posts you would find a graduate fresh out of art school focusing on illustration and web comics, you would see the transition into graphic design as I began to pursue further education, but most prominently, you would observe a young artist still very much in process.

In school when writing research papers, one of the most difficult parts for me was coming up with a solid thesis at the beginning. Often, I felt as though I was settling for a subpar introductory paragraph as way of entering into the material. As I continued to write would I discover my arguments and go back to the beginning and change the thesis to match what I had found along the way. At first this habit was a little embarrassing, I thought—this must not be how good students write. Yet, after several successful papers, I stopped worrying about it as much. I embraced the initial sloppiness of my opening paragraph as a part of my process. It was my way of mentally getting my hands dirty in the content.

Like my essays, the introductory period of this blog is complete and we're well into the middle, so it's a good time to go back and redefine the themes within which this blog operates. While, this collection of posts doesn't contain an introductory paragraph in a strict sense, and I won't be editing older posts, I'm at a place where I can more confidently state the direction we're headed. You can expect to find posts about great design, bad design and design experienced in my everyday life; posts on beautiful typography and on typographic blight; things that I find inspiring and miscellaneous amusing things, typically related to design, but not always. Most of all, this blog will be for me. George Lois said, "You don’t design a magazine for your audience; you create a great magazine for yourself." I intend to follow his advice.

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