Here's some more lettering from my sketchbook.

Also, Happy Memorial Day!


40 Ounces to Freedom

A quick drawing from my sketchbook I scanned in and colored this evening


Chalk Lettering Timelapse

I've mentioned Dana Tanamachi's chalk lettering here before, but watching the process gives me new level of appreciation for these pieces.


It’s in the details #2

Every once and a while I see a design that's mostly fine, but has a little quirk that makes it hard to bear.

The Metro PCS logo is a perfect example of this. Sure it's plain, but it's not the straight up helvetica that bothers me. It's the tightly kerned “PCS” with the nearly, but not quite aligned “CS” terminals. They are so close together and so close to being the same height that it's maddening. The part of me influenced by Ed Benguiat wants to trim just a little bit of the “C”, to make it nice and even.

Like this:


It’s in the details #1

I love my profession. Being paid to make things all day long is amazing. However the intense focus required in order to be any good at it does have some side effects. Ben Terrett calls it a disease, and I agree with him. It causes you to notice that on three floors in your building they have three completely different ways of labeling the exact same stairwell.

Stefan Sagmeister on Failure

Some great advice from Stefan Sagmeister on the importance of failure.

via: Brandflakes for Breakfast


Rebranding El Museo del Barrio

This spring I took a branding class at the School of Visual Arts with Anita Zeppetelli. One of the class assignments was to rebrand El Museo del Barrio, the Latin American museum in New York City. I don't typically show much of my own design work on this blog, but I enjoyed this project and thought it was worth sharing.


Inception in Mac OSX

Video by Chris Baker

Update: You may want to view in full screen to see the text. The column width isn't wide enough for great detail viewing



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