Verbose - My daily lettering blog

For the past couple of weeks I've made an effort to draw something every day. I draw as a part of my design process during work, but I wanted this to be separate from both work and any classes I might take. VERBOSE is a catalog of these drawings and will be updated almost daily. I hope you enjoy it.


Posters in Amsterdam

Posters in Amsterdam is a gallery site that is exactly what it says it is. It's definitely worth a look.



I've been really enjoying the work of Hyperakt, a Brooklyn-based design firm that focuses on creating design for the common good.


Hobbes and Bacon

Dan and Tom Heyerman of Pants Are Overrated drew two comic strips as if Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes finally grew up, got married and had a daughter. As I've made clear in the past, I'm big fan of Calvin and Hobbes, so it was fun to get a brief glimpse into the life of Calvin's daughter, Bacon.